Frequently Asked Questions

My laptop is acting funny! What do I do?

When in doubt, restart. It solves most problems

I have an acer loaner. How do I login?

Your user name is For example, Your password is the same password.

I am having problems logging into Google Drive/Email/Classroom. Help!

Let’s make sure you are using the right information. Your email address is You set your own password earlier this year. Try your computer password. If you don’t remember, tell your teacher. If it isn’t a password issue and you cant even get to the google login screen, it might be a filter issue. Try this. Go to Where is says “local users,” switch to ASD Student Domain. Then login using your computer username (ID only) and password.

Dang! I broke my screen. What do I do?

It happens to the best of us. Go see Mr. Rosado and he will let you know what comes next. Don’t worry, we will fix it but there may be a fine.

My mouse/trackpad is acting funny. How can I fix it?

The permanent fix is to get an update from the help desk. There is a short term fix! Press and hold the Fn button (bottom left of keyboard). Then press the F7 button (top middle). Let go of both. That will turn off your mouse. Press those buttons again and it will turn it back on. Your mouse should be back to normal.

My computer isn’t starting normally. I see a message that says “No bootable device.” Is it broken?

In most cases, this isn’t your fault. This could happen if you dropped your computer. The help desk needs to look at your computer. If you dropped your computer and it says that then you will need to speak to Mr. Rosado.

I lost my charger. What do I do?

Unfortunately, you will need to pay a fine for losing the charger. Even if you left it in a classroom and someone took it, that is your responsibility. Go see Mr. Rosado for details.

I am having password issues! What do I do?

You have three passwords that you need to manage:

  • Google
  • Your computer
  • The school website (Competency Dashboard)

Let’s take one at a time.

Your computer

The password to your computer is your district password. It is very important that you remember that password and that you never share it. If you forgot it, go see Ms. Julia in the help desk.


If you forgot your google password, go here and submit the Forgot Google Password form.

School Website

If you forget this password, visit the school website and click Log In.

Look for the Forgot? password link and click it. Type your school email in (e.g.

Instructions to reset your password will be sent to your email. To check your email, go to Tools > Google Apps > Email. Find the email and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT: Make all passwords the same as your computer (district) password.